Prairie Spirit Home Learning Supports: Home

These self-directed resources are intended to support your child's education, whether in-school learning or eLearning.

Remote Access for Staff and Students

Online tools and resources to assist Prairie Spirit staff and students with learning and working from home:

The apps endorsed on this page are pre-populated with all Prairie Spirit staff and students and are cleared for security and privacy. Please check our Trusted list when employing apps that store or share data:

Access to Office 365 and G-suite from Home

Did You Know that students can use their school account to access digital tools like Microsoft Office 365 and Google?

The login for these accounts is the same as their school accounts

If your child does not know their username or password, please contact the Prairie Spirit Helpdesk or their classroom teacher.

Online Magazines, Journals and Newspapers

Students and staff can access thousands of full text online resources and pictures using encyclopedias, journals, magazines and newspapers, as well as video content (including National Film Board and CBC Curio) on ROVER.

To access, go to and log in with your Blackboard account. You can then access ROVER, online library resources, and a number of other resources under the “Teaching Tools and Supports” tab at the top right of the page.

Your Blackboard username will be firstname.lastname and the default password will be the month and day of the user’s birthday in the form of MMDD.  For account assistance, contact the Ministry of Education Network Services HelpDesk directly at or 1-866-933-8333.